Welcome to the website for the Town of Easton.  Here you will find information regarding all facets of Town business and activities.

If you scroll down to the bottom of every page you will find the Town Calendar of Events.  If there is an event that you feel should be listed, please enter the details in the comment section below for our review.  Please provide your contact information to enable us to confirm the details.

Easton Board O Gram – 2014 November

Public Notices:

  • Please join us for the Easton Jingle Bells Bash on Saturday December 12, from 6pm at the Easton Town Hall!
  • The Conservation Commission regular meeting times have changed! Please see below for more details.
  • Northern Pass Zone of Visual Influence Maps, from the Department of Energy, are now available. They show the number of towers that would be visible at any given point in town. For more comprehensive information, please visit the NH Division of Historical Resources Project Area Forms. Maps pertaining to Easton are on the White Mountains PDF Part 2 of 8, pages 16-18.
  • A License For All Easton Dogs is Required by May 1, 2015.
  • A Current Rabies Certificate is Required in Order to Obtain a Dog License in the Town of Easton.

Simply select any of the categories across the top or on the right of this page to find information related to:

Town Offices: To reach the Town Clerk for forms and information regarding Vehicle Registrations, Marriage Licenses, Property Tax Information (for tax information listed by owner, Parcel ID or address), etc.

Office of the Selectmen:  For Meeting Minutes, Building Permit Applications, etc.

Planning Board:  For Tax Maps, Meeting Minutes, Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision Regulations, etc.

Conservation Commission:  We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. Please see our website for more information.

Emergency Management Services:  To learn about the activities and services provided by our brave firefighters.

Lafayette Regional School Board: For Meeting Minutes, special issues arising from membership in the Lafayette Regional School District, etc.

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