Lafayette Regional School Board

First I want to thank all of you for the past three years on the school board as well as re -election to the school board for another three year term. The past three years have gone by quickly with many activities and lots of effort. Thank you to all of you who have helped during these past three years, Without your effort and in put it would be a nearly impossible task to do fully.

The past three years have seen:

  • The Whimsey Science program which is a week long program funded by the Lafayette PTO. It is led by scientists and teaches all grade levels things like aerodynamics and robotics. Always popular with students and teachers alike. The School Board , as always, is grateful that the PTO sponsors this program for us.
  • The building got some much needed attention with the required removal of an underground oil tank causing us to look at the entire heating system. We now have a combination wood pellet and propane heating system. During the majority of the heating season, we rely on the wood pellet system for heat and hot water. When it gets extremely cold, the propane will also furnish us with necessary support. When it is warm enough not to require a lot of heat, we can operate with just propane.
  • The heating system project showed us some more concerns regarding our building. We discovered that part of the building was not insulated. So, once again, thanks to each of you, we were able to replace many windows and some doors, along with some new wooden panels and install insulation.
  • In conjunction with law enforcement and fire departments, we have lettered and numbered the building in a way that allows first responders to more easily locate the area of concern.
  • The PTO runs a cookie sale every December. So many of you have contributed, that the last several sales have been successful.
  • There are other student fundraisers and PTO fundraisers throughout the year. This year, on April 7, there will be a community spelling bee with teams from the community. The school board usually has a team, as does the local bank and other groups in town.
  • The School Newsletter is issued on a regular basis and you can see it on the Lafayette School Website.
  • This past month, the PTO treated our Lafayette family to a week at the circus. Students learned things like balancing feathers, juggling, acrobatics, stilt walking and even unicycle riding. This is to enrich our students’ learning experience in such areas as cooperation, problem-solving and coordination. The Wunderlee Circus was a wonderful experience for all involved.

Upcoming Events

  • Students’ farewell to Mr. Stan. Mr Stan is retiring on March 31st and we will all miss him.
  • Community Spelling Bee April 7
  • Art Show May 5
  • Staff Appreciation Week

Once again, thank you for all you do for the faculty, staff and students of Lafayette. Please know that you are welcome at school board meetings which are the second Thursday of the month at 5:30pm in the school library.


Denys Draper is our Lafayette Regional School Board representative from Easton. She will be working with the Selectmen and the Town of Easton Website to make sure that each and every resident of Easton has ready access to up-to-date Lafayette Regional School Board information.

Feel free to contact Denys with any questions and/or concerns about the Lafayette Regional School District.

Denys L. Draper
or leave a message at the school.

Lafayette Board Meeting 2014-03-13

Lafayette Board Meeting 2014-04-10

Lafayette Board Meeting 2014-05-08

Lafayette Board Meeting 2014-06-09

Lafayette Report 2014-06

Lafayette Board Meeting 2014-09-11

Lafayette Board Meeting 2014-10-09

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